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    Employee Aggregation Rules: Controlled Groups

    [fa icon="calendar"] Jun 29, 2015 9:00:00 AM / by Ken Ruthenberg

    Ken Ruthenberg

    Second In A Series

    In our last episode we left our heroes spending a dark and stormy night arguing about who screwed up and failed to recognize that SMALLCO and SMALL Vineyards had to be considered one employer for employee benefit plan purposes.

    SMALLCO and SMALL Vineyards were considered members of a "controlled group" because the owners of SMALLCO and SMALL Vineyards were the same. The Code (and certain parts of ERISA) treats all members of a controlled group as if they were one employer for a number of employee benefit plan purposes. During this episode, we'll try to explain the basic controlled group rules.

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    Ken Ruthenberg

    Written by Ken Ruthenberg

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