Senior Attorney 

Sheryl Bayani AlzonaSheryl focuses on ESOP consultation, operations and documentation. She guides companies, shareholders, internal and independent trustees on all aspects of ESOP transactions and compliance.

She brings to her law practice 11 years of experience as a consultant and administrator of ESOPs, pension and 401(k) plans. Sheryl has worked on all phases of an ESOP. From initial transaction, continued compliance and through plan termination, she has guided clients through them all.

Sheryl helps clients when they are considering a liquidity event, a business succession plan or a plan to share equity with their employees. She guides company management in plan design for mature ESOPs of all kinds.

In the event of inquiries from the Department of Labor and the IRS, she is an excellent line of defense. She coordinates with third party administrators, CPAs and attorneys to efficiently and accurately respond to minimize liability for income and excise taxes, interest and penalties.

Sheryl's experience and commitment to continuing to learn gives her invaluable insight into what is really going on in the ESOP and employee benefits arena, allowing her to know what works and doesn't work for other ESOP companies and plan sponsors. She has a knack for explaining complex ESOP and ERISA rules in clear language -- as a member of the ESOP Association and the National Center of Employee Ownership (NCEOshe is a frequent speaker.

Sheryl earned her J.D. from the University of West Los Angeles and her B.A. from St. Scholastica's College, Manila, Philippines. 

She is admitted to practice law in California.

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