More than just
Legal Advice.

  • We think like business owners.
  • We give them the guidance they need.
  • We’re more than just their lawyers.
  • We don’t simply work on their benefit plans, we partner with them throughout their planning process.
  • Strengthen their companies.
  • Motivate their employees.
  • Reward their top performers.
  • Attract talent.
  • Provide succession alternatives for their company owners.

At Employee Benefits Law Group, our mission is to partner with our clients and guide them to the employee benefits solutions that will meet their business objectives and exceed their expectations. Getting to those goals requires a firm that does more than tell you what the law says. It requires our deep legal knowledge and consulting experience to advise, consult and plan with you.


Employee Benefits Law Group thinks rationally rather than according to the strictest interpretation of the law. They know what life is like in the trenches.
Beth Harrington, President & Founder, Benefit Resources, Inc.