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    Government Employee Benefits

    We Solve Employee Benefits Problems for Public Agencies

    Employee Benefits Law Group has the specialized law expertise to help public agency or "governmental" plan providers develop excellent and compliant benefits plans.

    We have the unique expertise to help you minimize fiduciary exposure while lowering plan costs and increasing the retirement savings of participants.

    These plans are generally not subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), but they remain subject to a complicated combination of federal and State statutes, constitutional provisions and case law. We work closely with public agencies and their labor, human resources and legal teams to deliver clarity and help you manage and control employee benefits.

    We're the go-to resource for many California cities and special districts. They count on us to analyze the tax and compliance impacts of the various employee benefit proposals put forth by union bargaining partners or by elected leaders.

    We can advise you about the fiduciary structures and compliance of your plans. Few law firms can match our depth of knowledge is this area, because benefits law and advising is all we do. Our experience enables us to spot design and operational issues that are unique to the public sector and that many agencies overlook.