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    California Public Employees' Pension Reform Act (PEPRA)

    Fully Understanding and Meeting PEPRA Requirements

    Virtually all California public employers are subject to the California Public Employees' Pension Reform Act (PEPRA). Employee Benefits Law Group helps you understand how PEPRA impacts retirement plans, labor negotiations and ongoing plan operations, and how to comply with the requirements.

    We have the deep experience with California benefits law to help ensure PEPRA compliance.

    It's no surprise that public agencies all need help understanding PEPRA because no State agency is responsible for issuing comprehensive regulations or guidance on PEPRA compliance. CalPERS has issued some rules for its own administration, but these do not adequately address many of the PEPRA requirements and grandfathering rules.

    The unique and specialized expertise of a benefits law firm like ours makes all the difference. We understand the tricky aspects of PEPRA compliance, especially with respect to the "standalone" pension plans and defined contribution plans of California public agencies. This is particularly important for plans that have been provided by national vendors that may not concern themselves with State-by-State legislative mandates.

    Don't rely on large, national record-keepers or insurance companies to ensure that your retirement plans are PEPRA compliant. We can help you to make certain that your standalone plans, administrative practices and collective bargaining on retirement issues are PEPRA compliant.