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    Charter School Retirement & Benefit Plans

    Delivering Benefits Expertise to Charter Schools

    As charter schools have expanded, their retirement and benefit plans have attracted increasing scrutiny from the IRS. Employee Benefits Law Group has the specialized knowledge to help your charter school understand its unique tax and regulatory issues while designing and maintaining your plans accordingly. Our targeted employee benefits expertise is a vital component for your legal team and provides senior leadership with a recipe to create a plan that meets your strategic goals and objectives.

    We'll help you build an ideal plan for your charter school.

    Charter Schools Face Unique Challenges

    Charter schools are still somewhat new to public education. Their unique structure makes it critical to have Employee Benefits Law Group as your employee benefits resource because we have the experience and knowledge to address your unique status and needs.

    We work alongside your senior leadership and charter school general counsel to determine:

      • Whether or not your charter school is subject to ERISA rules.
      • Whether your charter school can or should participate in State public employee or teacher retirement systems.
      • Whether your charter school must design and manage its retirement and health benefits on a "group" basis.
      • The best ways to set up your 403(b) plan, if applicable.
      • How to structure and design your organization’s overall employee benefits program.