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    DB/DC Combo Plans

    Selecting Flexible Plans Based On Your Needs

    A combined defined benefit/defined contribution (DB/DC) plan can solve a challenging problem for employers hitting defined contribution plan limits. If your current plan is not providing sufficient retirement benefits for key employees or owner-employees, we can help.

    We'll determine if a DB/DC plan is the right combination for you.

    Employee Benefits Law Group can help you build a DB/DC plan that maximizes benefits to key personnel and owner-employees and maximizes their share of the company’s total retirement plan contributions.

    Compliant And Flexible

    We will help ensure that your plan is designed to meet all nondiscrimination criteria and contribution requirements for nonhighly compensated employees (NHCEs) as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. In some cases, we can develop a plan that requires only minimal contributions for the NHCEs, which can have a significant impact on smaller employers.

    We'll work with you to build a plan that makes sense and helps you provide attractive plan options, particularly for key employees.