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    Defined Benefit Retirement Plans

    Finding the Most Effective Defined Benefit Plans

    Traditional defined benefit plans grant plan participants benefits upon retirement – usually based upon years of service and average salary. This benefit is paid as an annuity or income throughout retirement.

    We're trusted by employers to develop defined benefit plans that support your objectives.

    These types of plans, which often have legal funding obligations, are becoming less popular. Employee Benefits Law Group has helped many employers, not only with their defined benefit plans, but also with other alternatives to these traditional plans.


    Either as an alternative to a defined benefit plan or in conjunction with it, employers can provide an attractive benefit called a cash balance pension plan. Cash balance plans combine elements of a defined benefit plan with those of a defined contribution plan, potentially providing more portable and understandable benefits for participants than they would receive under traditional defined benefit plans.


    We'll partner with you to:

    • Analyze your company, understand your employees and your goals to help you determine if a defined benefit plan would support meeting those objectives. 
    • Build a custom defined benefit or cash balance plan to meet complex needs.

    Whatever the process, we'll partner with you to build a plan with a proper fiduciary structure and investment agreement to help ensure that the plan has sufficient returns to fund future benefits and meet its fiduciary obligations.

    "Employee Benefits Law Group is always prepared, and I know what I'm getting."

    – Kathy Hicks, President, Hicks Pension Services