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    Government Examinations of Benefit Plans

    Taking the Worry Out of Government Examinations

    It can feel overwhelming to have the IRS, Department of Labor or Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) review, audit or investigate your retirement plan. If you have a pending examination, trust that the expert advice from Employee Benefits Law Group will put you at ease.

    We'll represent you in your plan’s review, audit or investigation to minimize your tax and fiduciary liabilities.

    With more than 20 years of experience defending and protecting plan sponsors and fiduciaries, we can reduce your correction and sanction amounts in the event of an IRS audit. We become your first line of defense against a Department of Labor investigation.

    We'll expertly represent you to get the most favorable result possible. Plus, we'll review and assess all of the information requested by the government to determine if there are qualification or fiduciary issues. If we find problems, we'll work to proactively resolve them before the government requires it, resulting in more cost-effective and timely conclusions to examinations.

    "If your plan is examined, it can feel like you've been hit with a perfect storm. We know how to weather the storm. We will prepare you and give your plan the best opportunity to weather any government examination of your retirement plan with the least exposure and cost." – Marcel Weiland, Employee Benefits Law Group