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Marcel Weiland

Marcel handles all areas of employee benefits law that impact private sector and nonprofit employers, including ERISA and Internal Revenue Code compliance. He focuses on qualified retirement plans, including ESOPs.

For 20 years, Marcel has helped clients attract and retain the best talent by facilitating meaningful benefits for their employees. By analyzing the business organization along with the benefits and fiduciary structures, he helps clients to ensure that their benefits align with the company's strategic plans. Marcel's comprehensive understanding of benefits designs, laws and regulations allows him to minimize tax and fiduciary exposure while enabling clients to meet their business goals.

Marcel excels in finding creative solutions to correct retirement plan tax qualification and fiduciary issues in the IRS and Department of Labor voluntary correction programs. He has a long track record of limiting cost and exposure for clients in IRS and Department of Labor investigations. He can also solve potential problems with 409(p) anti-abuse testing for S corporation sponsored ESOPs to protect clients from the onerous tax consequences of noncompliance.

Marcel is past president and current board member of the Sacramento chapter of the Western Pension & Benefits Council, a member of the ESOP Association and a member of the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA). He also serves as a member of the ASPPA Government Affairs Committee.

Marcel earned his J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law and his B.A. from California State University, San Jose.

He is a member of the California State Bar Association.

Marcel's Most Read Article ~The Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System: When Haste DOESN'T Make Waste

I can still hear my mother saying it, "Haste makes waste, Marcel." And it is true in many situations – acting too quickly can cause mistakes that waste time and money. But it isn't always the case with qualified plan failures. In most cases, timely correction of a failure will cost you less money and less bureaucratic hassle. Read more...

"My client needs to feel taken care of, but ultimately Employee Benefits Law Group is there for my firm. Marcel Weiland is extraordinary at caring for both parties."

– Kathy Hicks, President, Hicks Pension Services