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    Social Security Replacement Plans & Section 218 Agreements

    Delivering Sound Social Security Replacement Plans

    Many public employers don't participate in the OASDI portion of Social Security. Employee Benefits Law Group helps with all aspects of so-called "Social Security replacement plans."

    We can guide you through the extensive IRS rules and conditions that must be satisfied for Social Security exemption.

    We can help you determine if your agency:

    • Is subject to a 218 Agreement and, if so, what it means.
    • Qualifies as an "instrumentality" of government that is eligible for exemption from Social Security.
    • Can "opt out" of Social Security and, if so, how this is done.
    • Has an existing Social Security replacement plan that complies with IRS requirements.
    • Is following best practices for its Social Security replacement plan investments, service contracts and plan design.