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    Companies with Existing ESOPs

    Helping Ensure Companies with Existing ESOPs Thrive

    Successfully completing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is an accomplishment, but it's just a beginning. ESOP participants are shareholders and investors in dynamic, successful companies. And just as great companies must grow and adapt, so must their ESOPs.

    We're the perfect fit for any ESOP company that's looking for that next level of guidance.

    ESOP companies have great advantages over non-ESOP companies, but those advantages come with complexity, opportunities and risks. Employee Benefits Law Group helps our ESOP clients ensure their companies and ESOPs are sustainable and follow best practices in all areas, including:

    • Distribution policies.
    • Valuation issues.
    • Administration and record-keeping complexities.
    • Corporate governance.
    • Fiduciary oversight.
    • Service provider management.
    • Repurchase liability.
    • Refinancing.
    • Documentation and restatements.
    • Plan redesign and reinvigoration.
    • "Haves and have nots" planning.
    • Coordination with other retirement benefit plans.
    • Nonqualified and executive compensation.
    • Strategic sales.
    • Tender offer preparedness.

    Our ESOP clients run the spectrum from year-old stock bonus plans to decades-old ESOPs in 100% employee-owned companies. They cover virtually all industries in many different regions of the country. Third-party administrators and other strategic advisors to ESOP companies rely on our expertise for guidance as well. They count on our attorneys and certified pension consultants, and our deep experience with real-world situations.

    Let our depth of experience and resources be part of the foundation for your objectives. We can help create a vital and engaged ESOP workforce, with minimized regulatory and legal concerns, resulting in a return on investment for all constituencies at your ESOP company.

    "There is big value in anticipating our needs. It keeps us from being blindsided."

    – Guy Cook, Chief Operation Officer, SuiteAmerica