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    Retiree Health Plans

    Providing Retiree Health Plans That Work

    Retiree health benefits can be a great way to reward long-service employees and build loyalty, but employers must be careful when designing any retiree health plan.Employee Benefits Law Group has helped dozens of employers design effective plans.

    We can help you design compliant, effective retiree health plans that employees trust.

    Our experts design and document retiree health plans that make promises that can be kept while adhering to regulations and protecting the employer from undue burdens and retirees from unexpected taxes.

    "Employers can provide retiree health benefits in a number of ways, many of which are tax favorable and ACA compliant so long as the rules are followed. We help guide employers through the maze of rules for the best results for the employers and their retirees."

    – Ken Ruthenberg, Employee Benefits Law Group Shareholder